Be Humble

Children that are cheerful, helpful and respectful of their friends, teachers and parents

Highly Motivated

Children that are keen learners and are motivated to excel in everything they are doing

Security & Love

Feel safe and secured in a loving, nurturing, cooperative learning environment

Emotional Intelligence

Aware about their surroundings & their roles in instilling peace and harmony in the world

Creative Minds

Show their inquisitive, creative and innovative minds when dealing with problem solving situations

Social Intelligence

Promote sharing, cooperating and tolerating among their peers and community


Strive to acquire the proficiency in their national language, mother-tongue language as well as the other languages in the world

Islamic Practices

For the muslim children, performing solat, zikirullah and saying out the supplications (dua') for most of the daily actions become part of their habitual practices

Islamic Knowledge

For the muslim children to love memorising the Quranic verses and the Hadith of Rasulullah s.a.w and know the meanings to both resources