CPR Awareness East Coast Centre

If last year, we managed to gather all our teachers, and staff in the Klang Valley area for the CPR Awareness programme, this time, we managed to gather all our teachers and staff in East Coast Centre to learn how to do CPR.

The programme was held on 20th May 2023, located at one of our centres – LOE Therapy Centre Pasir Puteh.  A total of 30 teachers and staff from our centre on the East Coast participated in the programme. 

The trainers were specialists, doctors and paramedics from the Emergency Department of Hospital Shah Alam and also the local hospital in Pasir Puteh. 

To learn more about CPR, visit the links below, as we have explained in detail how to do CPR, and the steps needed. 


This kind of event is much needed to give us awareness and knowledge on how to do CPR, and eventually, to help save lives in cases of emergency.

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